Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

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These procedures are a predictable way to cover unsightly, sensitive or exposed root surfaces and to prevent future gum recession. If you are unhappy with the appearance of short unsightly teeth this can be greatly improved by a combination of periodontal procedures by Dr. Keller or Dr. Tibbs and cosmetic dentistry by your restorative dentist.

You may visit the American Academy of Periodontology for more information and pictures.

Gum Grafting

Gum Grafting (soft tissue augmentation) is done to enhance the zone of attached gingival tissue in addition to root coverage. There are a variety of techniques: connective tissue graft, a pedicle graft, or a free gingival graft. The technique indicated is diagnosed by the doctor. (See gum grafting, Cosmetic Enhancement)

Gingival Re-contouring

Gingival Re-contouring, (gingivectomy) – the surgical removal of gum tissue directed at correcting the soft tissue around a tooth by reshaping or reducing to create normal form and function. Gum tissue is reshaped (sculpted) and/or reduced to eliminate a “gummy smile” prior to crown placement or veneers. Improved health and appearance are the result of such a procedure.

Other Treatment Options